What is PDB?


PDB is a 12-week program that resets the body, revitalizing both physical and energetic systems.  For both horse and rider, you will build the foundation of wellness by concentrating on four specific pillars. Everybody's program will be unique to them within those pillars, depending on what the specific goals are, the challenges that rise to the top, and the level of choice that is available. Weekly consultations are a critical piece of the program, keeping everyone on the same page, walking though changes, keeping on pace with goals, and being able to express thoughts and feelings as you experience a new form of wellness. 

If you have ever thought age was a hindrance to meeting your riding goals, or your horse becoming an elite athlete, please think differently. If you are willing to dive in, then you can take decades off your life, and your horse's. The horse needs to be a willing participant, as do you. If that is available, then miracles can happen!



Who is PDB for?


This program has been created for anyone who wants to reach the next level of greatness, whether it be in life, riding, health, or all of the above. It is geared for all ages, all genders, all lifestyles. What is your greatest goal? PDB sets you up to put your best foot forward to go after that vision, and better yet, to reach it!  

Your equine partner need not be a superstar in a competition arena to be the perfect horse for PDB. Or, maybe you do have a competitive giant and want to create an even greater competitive edge. With all the stressors of life as a riding horse living in an unnatural habitat, we owe them our best effort to bring overall balance to their life and health. Your horse will blossom no matter what their riding expectations may be.



Why PDB?


Health is such a subjective concept in our lives. We are deluded with contradictory advice on a daily basis. Our "health industry" is a for-profit industry; the public interest has been abandoned. We have had to become our own doctors, which leaves little room for error. The same is true for our horses. While PDB is not a cure for all that ails you, it is a program for resetting your and your horse's bodies. This is a program that sets you and your partner up for a health success.

Because life, like health advice, can be overwhelming, PDB makes it easy to get started with a holistic health plan that encompasses all aspects of your life. As riders, life becomes better with a horse, but also more hectic and time consuming! PDB puts the priority back into balance, creating happier, healthier, more successful horse and riders. So often health programs just focus on one aspect of health, PDB takes a full life, holistic approach, giving you immeasurable tools to keep control of your health and an appropriate balance in all that you do.



How does PDB work?


Through the course of a 12-week program, you undergo an intense body reset program.  Depending on your specific needs and goals, the program will be set up specifically for you.  Your PDB program will include a series of modalities that creates healing and strengthening of mind, body and spirit. You will be participating on a daily basis within some modality, which will occupy much time and concentration, but you will likely find yourself addicted to feeling renewed in a short time. Though requiring dedicated time and commitment, give yourself the gift of wellness and discover how great you and your horse can be!