As of October 1st, 2017, you can find PDB and Pam at 573 S Walnut Street, located within the MUUV yoga studio. Swing by and check out the new space!

Contact Pam: 208.473.1019


PDB is a wellness philosophy, concentrating on the Rolf Method of Structural Integration as the cornerstone to physical well-being. Schedule on-line with Pam here.

PDB also houses a uniquely designed 12-week mind/body wellness program that is open to everyone, but specializes in equestrians and their horses. Schedule a consult with Pam to learn how to reset your body, revitalizing both physical and energetic systems.

PDB is proud to offer healthy living and nutritional products through Dynamite and Juice Plus+.

—about Pam Blackledge—

PDB founder and Rolf Structural Integration PRACTITIONER


Beginning the lifelong passion of rehabbing injured and unhealthy horses at the young age of 13, Pam developed a love of studying the body and attempting to understand and feel what is needed to be healthy. In the midst of a 20-year career serving non-profit organizations throughout the country, she continued studying modalities such as sport massage, trigger point therapy, reiki, T-Touch, Equine Touch, acupressure points, fascial release, and stretching techniques. Knowing that the body was comprised of more than just tissue, she also became proficient in hoof trimming, movement and posture therapy, whole food nutrition, and healthy lifestyle for our equine partners. 

Through the process of helping horses become fit, healthy, and happy, she learned that people should be undergoing the same process. She began studying and practicing various body awareness modalities and decided to learn the Ida Rolf method of Structural Integration studying at the Idaho Center for Rolf Structural Integration under the tutelage of Ron Kelley at 

Always striving to build something greater than herself, PDB is the vision Pam has been developing for over 15 years, working with practitioners around the world, and understanding that every healing modality has value and purpose. Wanting every body to experience the vitality and health that she is seeking in herself, she partners with a long list of valued healing practitioners for her clients.

Pam lives in Boise, Idaho, on an urban farmstead with her husband, dog, cat, chickens and three rehabbed dressage horses that are prospering from her training and care.