Horse Wellness program

Seasoned riders know the wear and tear their bodies endure on the path to partnership with their horses. The same holds true for your horse's body.  Structural Integration is offered as the foundational building block to physical vitality for your horse. 

Injury, ill-fitting tack, unbalanced riders, incorrect trimming/shoeing, and improper training can all lead to physical, emotional, and mental restrictions in our equine partners. Unlock your horse's potential by freeing the fascial restrictions from the body, which gives you, as the rider, access to the strength, grace and flexibility that our horses were born with.

PDB offers our 12-week wellness program for your horse, as well as for you as the rider. The program pulls from a myriad of healing and restorative modalities, each supporting 4 essential pillars of health. At the end of the 12 weeks, the goal is to have reset your horse's and your old patterns into new patterns of vital body, healthy thinking, fresh feeling. Contact Pam to learn more about the Wellness Program for your horse or for you.

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pdb Wellness Retreat FOR RIDERS


Sun Valley, Idaho