PDB is a wellness philosophy, embracing the Dr. Ida Rolf Method of Structural Integration as the foundation to physical health and alignment. It is a philosophy of wellness because it begins with a choice: to create structural balance. This then creates and allows for further choice which helps each client unlock their limitations, allowing the joy of a life lived from the inside out. As fascial restrictions are released from your physical body, soon you will feel a truer sense of who you are, what you need to thrive, and the steps to get there.

Experiencing wellness from the inside out is an expression PDB adopted because it describes a purging of the armor, or protective outer layers, allowing a person (or animal) to be free from long-term restrictions, including physical, emotional, and mental. But PDB embodies much more than just this modality.

PDB also houses a 12-week wellness program that resets the body, mind and spirit, revitalizing both physical and energetic systems. Originally designed for equestrians and their horses, it is now open to everyone. You will build the foundation of wellness by concentrating on modalities within four specific pillars of health. Each client's program is unique to their individual's needs, choosing from a multitude of modalities and practitioners. Weekly one-on-one consultations are a critical piece of the program, having the opportunity to express yourself as you move into a new understanding of wellness. 

Horses are also an integral piece of PDB, and Pam continues to offer her healing touch to all equines. The horse was her first teacher as a bodyworker, and they will forever be in her practice. Due to the horse's grounding nature and limitless teaching opportunities, Pam will hopefully always be growing and learning, and bringing the wisdom of the horse into the world of wellness.

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